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Water Is Life

Education has been an important component to our work as an organization. What started out as a simple conversation amongst the Dziłijiin communities regarding our water and industry, has turned into one of the monumental feats of our organization. It is with data and research that we as an organization were able to stop the use of our precious groundwater for industrial use on Dziłijiin. Not only are we educating our own communities but also our very own tribal government and state government. We have held numerous training sessions on the history of resource extraction on Dziłijiin and how that has powered and continues to power Arizona. Our current education sessions include just and equitable transition of Navajo Generating Station (NGS) in the wake of the NGS closure and what the future of energy could look like on the Navajo Nation.

Enviromental Justice

As a non-profit, advocacy, like educating, has also been an important component in our work. While educating our communities, they in return re-educate us as an organization on very important traditional knowledge and experiences. It’s with these shared knowledge and experiences that we are able to advocate for justice and equity for the frontline communities on Dziłijiin. Not only do we advocate for the community but also the land, wildlife and most importantly, the water. With the recent closure of NGS, we continue to advocate for the end of greenhouse gas emissions by moving to a just and equitable transition on the Navajo Nation. 

Just & Equitable Transition

TNA creates engagement opportunities for Diné impacted by coal through mobilizing and empowering our communities on Dziłijiin. In the past, one of our most notable organizing work consisted of a week long journey on foot and on horseback, from Dziłijiin to the Navajo Nation capital in Window Rock, Arizona. It’s with the education and advocacy work that we were able to shed light for our Navajo Nation leaders on the impacts of industry on Dziłijiin that truly made this organizing effort meaningful. As NGS closed, our organizing efforts were in full force for the just and equitable transition trainings that looked at life after NGS. These efforts take into consideration the local workforce and the need for local sustainable jobs as we look to the future of Diné energy. Along with the just transition trainings we have helped our local communities that were hit by COVID-19. These efforts came in the form of donated bales of hay for our local ranchers, hand sanitizer and food boxes for the community. 

Climate Change

As an organization, we strive to align Diné polices with Diné Fundamental Law through research and development. We use these polices and laws to help us in educating and navigating our local and state government. It is through Diné Bi Beenahaz’áanii (Diné Fundamental Law) that we are able to truly push for the just and equitable transition on the Navajo Nation. The Diné Fundamental Law embodies what we stand for as an organization whose mission is to provide a safe haven for the Diné lifeways and culture. This is done through ending our dependence on fossil fuels as a nation and transitioning to a cleaner and sustainable alternate such as solar.