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*Disclaimer: The author has a history of working with the Cameron chapter since 2016 as a Little Colorado River Watershed Chapter Association (LCRWCA) organizer and currently as a Tó Nizhóní Ání (TNA) organizer. Ms. Keetso’s paternal grandparents (Keetso/Beard) and extended relatives originate from the Dziłibáí (Gray Mountain) area. Ms. Keetso is not a registered voter of the Cameron Chapter. The views expressed in this article…

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ÁSHINEE’ NIHIMÁ: In Loving Memory

It’s with heavy hearts that we send our condolences to the Tó’aheedlíinii Naakai Dine’é family of Ts’í’ii Bitó. Mae Wilson Tso passed on January 12, 2021, at the age of 83 years old. She was a prominent figure in the Black Mesa region for being a weaver, a pastoralist, an herbalist, and, most notability, a defender of the sacred. Mae saw how extractive industry ravaged…

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Scientists have called our current, climate change–threatened era the Anthropocene, but as the eco-economist Kate Raworth once joked, women are left out of the narrative so often that it sometimes feels like the Manthropocene. Presenting 27 standouts who prove that women are leading the charge to protect our environment and our future.

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Peabody Energy is ending a health care benefit program for retired miners as a cost-saving measure.

The St. Louis-based coal giant announced plans last week to discontinue coverage of medical expenses for workers enrolled in Medicare and to stop providing life insurance to retirees, The Casper Star-Tribune reported.

The change is expected to go…

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For 2,000 years, the Hopi have been growing corn in an arid landscape, relying on the rains. Now climate change threatens their farming traditions.


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National Economic Transition Platform

BREAKING: Leaders from coal communities across America today released their historic platform for bolstering regions hit hard by the declining industry–a crisis deepened by the Covid pandemic.

In their National Economic Transition Platform, local, tribal and labor leaders call on national and federal leaders to make a big, bold investment in communities from Appalachia to the Navajo Nation to support community-driven solutions.

Communities across…

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For 50 years, outside power companies profited from the exploitation of precious Navajo & Hopi water and resources, which supported coal plants like “NGS” and polluted Navajo land, depleting the source of drinking water for many Navajo and Hopi.

Watch now → https://bit.ly/JustTransitionNGS

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WORC Report on Reclamation Jobs

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