Our Mission

Tó Nizhóní Ání's mission is to preserve and protect the environment, land, water, sky and people and advocate for the wise and responsible use of the natural resources of the Black Mesa region (Dził Yijiin).

Our Story

TNA started because of the misuse and abuse of Black Mesa's ice age pristine groundwater by Peabody Energy. The Navajo Aquifer is the only source of drinking water for the people of Black Mesa and Peabody’s mining operations have relied on the groundwater for over 45 years. Peabody’s Black Mesa Mine is the only mine in the US that uses potable water to transport coal in a slurry 270 miles to the now decommissioned Mohave Generating Station in Laughlin, Nevada. Through our efforts we have educated and brought awareness not only to our local communities on Black Mesa, but to our leadership in Window Rock, Arizona.

Through the work of TNA, the Black Mesa Mine is no longer transporting coal via slurry line since 2005. However, the nearby Kayenta Mine continues to operate and transport coal via coal train to the Navajo Generating Station. Black Mesa water and coal has been the driving force behind the growth and expansion of the entire Southwest specifically Phoenix and Tucson in Southern AZ.

Our Current Work

Today, the organization is focused on the slated closure of NGS in 2019 and subsequent closure of the Kayenta Mine. TNA is initiating efforts that will prepare the Diné people for the significant loss of jobs and revenue that are marking the end of the Navajo Nation’s fossil fueled economy. TNA advocates for the diversification of NN economy by developing renewable energy, and building capacity within local communities to have full ownership in sustainable energy projects. Our work incorporates youth leadership by creating opportunities for participation in government affairs, stakeholder meetings, and organization of community projects. TNA supports community agriculture and farming projects such as cornfield restoration, building gabion dams and threats to our traditional food systems from GMOs, herbicides, pesticides and monoculture crops. We seek to keep our traditional Diné life ways, language and culture alive through a Just Transition.
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Meet the Team

Team Members include Diné (Navajo) members from Black Mesa dedicated to preserving and protecting nihimá Dziłijiiin (our mother Black Mesa). We use the Indigenous Wisdom to guide our work and hope to inspire all those who have the same goal.

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