Tó Nizhóní Ání “Sacred Springs Speaks”
The late Ram Herder speaking at the 2012 Diné Water Rights Forum in Rocky Ridge, Arizona.

Our advisors play a very crucial role in our organization. Their experiences and expertise help guide us and provide direction for the organization. Below is a list of advisors, past and present:

Current Advisors

  • Valencia Edgewater
  • Marshall Johnson
  • Tony Skrelunas

Past Advisors

  • Theodore Badonie
  • Leonard Deal (decd.)
  • Ram Herder (decd.)
  • Alice Nez Horseherder (decd.)
  • Lorraine Johnson (decd.)
  • Katherine Smith (decd.)
  • Mae Wilson Tso (decd.)
  • Tom Lee James (decd.)
  • Eunice Manson
  • Lorenzo Teasyatwho (decd.)
  • Mabel Benally (decd.)
  • Jonathan Lewis