Voices From Black Mesa

Each year we feature 7 distinct narratives from each Navajo chapter community on Black Mesa through our media project called Voices From Black Mesa (VFBM). This media project was created to showcase the stories, the resiliency, and beauty of Black Mesa by providing our audience with an inside look at the places, the people, and life on Black Mesa. These narratives originate from the following chapter communities:

  • Piñon (Beʼekʼid Baa Ahoodzání)
  • Whipporrwill (Hooshdódii Tó)
  • Low Mountain (Jeeh Deez' á)
  • Blue Gap (Táchii'/Bis Dootlí'ízhí Nídeeshgiizh)
  • Hardrock (Tsé Dildǫ́’ii)
  • Forest Lake (Tsiiyi' Be'ak'id)
  • Black Mesa (Kits'iilí)

Lorraine Herder, 67, is Chíshí Dine’é from the community of Hardrock located on Black Mesa in northeastern Arizona. ..

DiAndre Francis, 23, is Ta’neezahnii from Hooshdódii Tó, located on Black Mesa in northeastern Arizona.....

Mary Ann Sherlock, 84, is Tódích’íi’nii from Tsiiyi’ Be’ek’id, Arizona. Before coal mining, Tsiiyi’ Be’ek’id was known for its abundance of seeps...

Olin Begay, 27, is Tsénjíkiní from Tsé Ch’il Yaató, located within the Low Mountain chapter community on Black Mesa. ...

Noel Adrian, 27, is Dził T'aaí from Ch'il Hooshahii, located within the Piñon Chapter community on Black Mesa. ...

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