Board Members

Tó Nizhóní Ání “Sacred Springs Speaks”

Rhonda Begay


Rhonda is Diné and from the Kinyaa’anii clan. Rhonda was born and
raised in Teesto, Arizona, and currently resides in Hardrock, Arizona.
Rhonda works for the Navajo Nation’s Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program providing special supplemental nutrition programming for families with young children.

Tó Nizhóní Ání “Sacred Springs Speaks”

Dana Eldridge


Dana is Diné and from the Tsénjíkinií Kin Łitsonii clan. Dana is from
the Bishadaas'chii community. Dana is a graduate from Brown
University and has dedicated her life to remembering, revitalizing,
and protecting indigenous land-based lifeways.

Tó Nizhóní Ání “Sacred Springs Speaks”

Dan Herder

Rancher/Retired NGS Employee

Dan is Diné, and from the Tl’izíłaní clan. Dan is originally from
Howell Mesa and resides in Hardrock, Arizona. Dan is a full-time
rancher and spends his days tending to his livestock. As a frontline
community member, Dan has seen, firsthand, the impacts of climate
change and resource extraction on the indigenous pastoralist lifeways.

Tó Nizhóní Ání “Sacred Springs Speaks”

Edith Simonson


Edith is Diné and from the Chíshí Dine’é clan. Edith was born and
raised in the Big Mountain community of Hardrock, Arizona. Edith is a
full-time sheepherder and Diné weaver. She is one of the few Diné
weavers that still processes her wool by hand, using the native
vegetation to dye and weave traditional blankets. Edith has seen the
impacts of coal mining on the native plants and herbs, which has
impacted the traditional economy and way of life.

Tó Nizhóní Ání “Sacred Springs Speaks”

Germaine Simonson

Business Owner/Educator

Germaine is Diné from the Chíshí Dine’é clan, born and raised in Hardrock, Arizona. In 2003, Germaine graduated with her Master's degree in Social Work from Arizona State University. Germaine is active in the local community with programs and activities. Germaine is a business owner of the local store Rocky Ridge Gas & Market and teaches classes in the school of Social Work at Northern Arizona University.