ADOT, Don’t Leave Tribal Communities Out Of Your AZ EV Plan

Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), don’t leave the Navajo Nation and Hopi Tribe out of your AZ EV Plan!

Arizona is eligible for up to $76.5 million in National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program funding across five years. NEVI would fund a national network of EV Fast Charging stations along interstate highways. The NEVI program requires that at least 40% of the program’s benefits are targeted toward disadvantaged communities, including rural and tribal areas. Alternative Fuel Corridors (AFCs) are the designated highway corridors for EV charging infrastructure. Currently, Arizona’s AFCs are the interstate highways, but ADOT is seeking public input for choosing state highways to nominate as potential new AFCs.


Currently, Twin Arrows and Sanders/New Lands are a part of the next round of proposed new NEVI sites but only account for two areas in the entire Navajo Nation. As previously mentioned, Arizona is including National Highway Systems (State Routes, etc.) for eligible potential new AFCs. US Route 89 (Flagstaff to Utah/Page) and US Route 160 (Tuba City to Four Corners) are potential AFCs recommended by the public.

Along with the public recommendations (US 89 and US 160), the following routes need to be nominated in the future AFC routes:

  • SR 98 – Page to Shonto
  • SR 264 – Tuba City to Window Rock

Including these two routes in future AFC routes would:

  • Connect tourists from Lake Powell to Monument Valley/Four Corners
  • Ensure our most popular route to the Navajo Nation Capital is electrified
  • Include the Hopi Tribe in the AZ EV Plan
  • Ensure Canyon de Chelly National Monument is in sight of NEVI infrastructure
  • Help Arizona’s biggest commuters, the Navajo people, stay connected to the electrification of Arizona
  • Electrify some of the most scenic routes in the Navajo Nation

Please help us by submitting a public comment to add SR 98 and SR 264 to the AZ EV Plan. Join us to ensure that tribal communities are not left out of the electrification of Arizona. Public comments are due Wednesday, November 30, 2022. See the link to submit your public comment today:

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